The Roadmap

With the help of the contributors, these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieving to make ASO tools a great and accessible solution for every developer.

Q1 - 2021

Idea Born

  • The ASO by 2Stable idea is born after the team spots a necessity for an intuitive, simple and performant App Store Optimization tool.

Launching Research

  • Live search simultaneously in up to 10 storefronts
  • Explore Top Charts in iOS, iPadOS and macOS platforms
  • Highlight apps and developers
Q2 - 2021

Working on Monitoring

  • Live track keywords ranking
  • Track app or game ranking across top charts
  • Reviews and ratings trackers
  • Gather feedback and ideas from users
Q3 - 2021

Upcoming Reporting

  • Notifications about app performance
  • Webhooks
  • Reports about competitors' ASO changes


  • Implement amazing ideas suggested by users
  • Auto-suggestion for names, subtitles and keywords
  • Scam app detection
  • Trending apps
  • Translate reviews
  • Different layout types
  • Spy competitors
  • Widgets